Coaching is provided by our club coach Shaan (Prashanth) Talkad

Shaan is a qualified Tennis NZ coach with 6 years of coaching experience and 15 years of playing experience. 

  • I started at age 8 on the clay courts of Bangalore, India, and went on to represent my school, university and eventually district. I continued playing when studying for a Masters degree in USA, and socially during my IT career of 14 years. 
  • I've represented top teams in Wellington in the Premier Interclub between '08 and '12. I started coaching part-time around 6 years ago in India and found that I loved and enjoyed sharing my tennis knowledge with players of all ages and abilities. I started full time coaching 3 years ago when I moved to Auckland and I've thoroughly enjoyed coaching Hot Shots and Cardio tennis
  • With good experience, I always aim to provide a quality coaching program. 

Contact Shaan at 022 645 6058 or for queries or to discuss coaching needs

Afterschool Walking Tennis Bus 

We provide a walking tennis bus from schools nearby (Takapuna Primary, St Josephs)
- the coach picks and walks the kids from school to the club and provides an hour of tennis lessons after.
Kids need to be picked up from the club. If you are interested, please contact Shaan. 


PRIVATE 1 HOUR                                   PRIVATE 1/2 HOUR

$60 Seniors and Juniors                                                   $35 Seniors and Juniors

$55 Junior club members                                                  $30 Junior Club members

hot shots/Juniors

$120 per school term (9 afterschool 60 min. group coaching sessions)

$110 per school term (Saturday morning 9 x 45 min. group coaching sessions)