Become a member or renew membership

Two ways to become a member -

  1. Please download the membership formfill in your details and email to
  2. Follow the steps below to become a member or renew your membership.

Membership Category            Discounted Price           After 30th Sept

                                                                (pay before 30th Sept)

Senior                                                                      $290                                               340     

Senior Married Couple                                                 $500                                                600

Veteran (over 65 on 1st Sept)                                    $225                                                 250        

Veteran Married Couple (both over 65)                       $400                                                 450

Student (full-time tertiary)                                       $200                                                 210        

Midweek                                                                   $175                                                 200        

Junior "Afterschool" (Weekday)                                 $220                                                240 

Junior "Saturday"                                                      $200                                                220 

New Members - first year only       $200

Senior Interclub fee       $60

Junior Interclub fee       $50 

Walking Tennis Bus (Takapuna Primary and St. Josephs Primary School)

The club coach offers a walking tennis bus from local schools to the club - pickup times is right after school bell and the kids are walked to the club. Tennis lesson starts at 3:30 and caregivers/parents need to pick up the kids at 4:30pm.

For fees and other details, please contact Shaan (0226456058 or